Medical AI with a click - Pulmonary and vascular diseases

June 3, 2018

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Lung cancer PET CT separation and 2D and 3D images (Source: Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service)


Software that diagnoses various diseases with artificial intelligence is disclosed free of charge. Anyone can download it from the Internet and use it for solution development or research. The era of bringing medical imaging information from the hospital and reading it on the Internet is also expected to take place.


The Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service (HIRA) announced on June 3 that AI algorithms supporting diagnosis of cerebral aneurysm and pulmonary disease will be released to the public data portal free of charge.


Cerebral aneurysm is a vascular disease with abnormal cracks in the wall of the cerebral blood vessels and abnormal inflation. Cerebral aneurysm is examined by computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and cerebral angiography.


HIRA developed AI-based aneurysm diagnosis algorithm in collaboration with Seoul National University Hospital last year. This year, we will acquire 600 sets of cerebral artery magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) from Yonsei Severance Hospital to enhance the reading algorithm.


By the end of this year, lung cancer will be the first to develop an algorithm to diagnose lung diseases. 600 sets of lung cancer positron computed tomography (PET-CT) are received from Seoul National University Bundang Hospital. It also adds graphics processing unit (GPU) to provide real-time reading and automatic disease display.


The developed AI algorithm will open to public data portals free of charge as soon as early next year. Doctors, researchers, and businesses can freely download. It is the first time that medical AI software is released for free.


Development of disease diagnosis AI algorithms is part of the public data open policy. HIRA holds 192 TB, 10 billion medical and pharmaceutical information. It has all the national medical information. HIRA builds a database of 2015 healthcare bigdata and opens it to the private sector.


Since last year, HIRA has built a medical image information database such as MRI and CT. 1TB data is accumulated per month. As well as opening medical image information with personal information removed, AI algorithm is opened to improve the utility of public data.


An official of HIRA said, "The trial algorithm has been downloaded more than 60 times from the public data portal, and its application is expanded." He added, "It will help the medical industry by disclosing algorithms for AI diagnosis of pulmonary disease."


Providing a medical image analysis model can enhance the image reading capacity. The cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases require precise reading of fine lesions. If a subject is intervened and mistakes are made, critical bottles may be missed. Utilizing AI algorithms with greater readability than humans reduces read errors and mistakes.


Since doctors, researchers, and companies are free to use the algorithms, the medical and industrial effects are expected. It is possible to develop various diagnostic solutions using medical image reading algorithms. Last year, the Korea Food & Drug Administration (KFDA) created the world's first AI-applied medical device licensing guidelines. Last month, the first case of AI medical device licensing in Korea came up. Public institutions provide basic technology free of charge, and expect to create new value, such as developing a medical image reading model for each disease.


The public can freely use it in the long run. Medical image information received from the hospital can be read by connecting to the Internet and applying it to the algorithm. However, medical device approval is required. The HIRA also reviews the free AI algorithm medical device license in the long term.


"In the long term, a hospital or a general public can read the images on the web with a single click," said a member of the HIRA.


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