Free medical AI to diagnose disease

June 5, 2018

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With just a few clicks, I can get a medical AI that can diagnose my body's disease. I can read MRI or CT images from the hospital. All these services will be distributed free of charge and will be available to many people.


Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service (HIRA) said it will develop AI algorithms to support the diagnosis of cerebral aneurysm and lung disease.
HIRA piloted cerebral aneurysm algorithm in collaboration with Seoul National University Bundang Hospital last year. This year, HIRA will acquire additional medical data from Yonsei Severance Hospital and upgrade the algorithm.
By the end of this year, lung cancer will be given priority, and the algorithm for diagnosis of lung diseases will be strengthened.


We can diagnose vascular disease or lung disease based on big data. Does HIRA distribute these algorithms for free?


Yes. The developed algorithm will be open to public data portals free of charge as early as early next year. Doctors, researchers, and businesses can use it freely. This is the first time medical AI software has been released for free.


In fact, even if you have good technology, it is difficult to use if the cost is too high. It would be a great help to publicize it for free.
By the way, is it free to the public as well as the doctor and the company?


Yes, these services will be available to the public in the long run. If you take an MRI or CT image at a hospital, you can take it when you want it. In the future, such image data can be analyzed by yourself using the algorithm.
However, this algorithm needs medical device approval. HIRA is also reviewing long-term licensing of medical devices for free AI algorithms.


If it is available to the public, it will save a lot of time and money.
What effect can you expect from the algorithm distribution?


The algorithm is used to support doctors' care. Vascular diseases and pulmonary diseases should be read very precisely considering various factors. If mistakes are made, important bottles may be missed.
Using algorithms based on big data can greatly reduce read errors and mistakes, allowing more precise judgment.
I also expect medical and industrial effects. Various diagnostic solutions can be developed using medical image reading algorithm. We can expect to create new value such as 'development of medical image reading model for each disease' while public institutions provide free technology for infrastructure.


Free public release of this algorithm is part of the government's policy to open up public data. It will be of great benefit to the public to disclose the medical algorithm, which is difficult to access easily, free of charge.


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