AI + PACS + Platform

DEEP:PHI is an integrated AI platform based on deep-learning to analyze the medical images utilizing big data. The platform serves to detect suspicious regions with a high confidence level promptly.

DEEP:PHI offers various algorithms in several stages for training the AI and for testing the unlabeled image data as diagnostic support. The user can select the dataset and customize the training or testing settings as desired. In case of training, the customized graph result is presented in real-time. The whole process is just quick and simple. DEEP:PHI will enhance the radiologists' work environment, making a breakthrough in performance speed and accuracy.

DEEP:PHI has a user-friendly interface, and provides a comfortable user experience.

Using DEEP:PHI Platform, radiologists can train, test and share AI algorithms themselves as well as use AI solutions developed by DEEPNOID and others. Also, a user can sync to the integrated DEEP:PHI Platform and make use of AI solutions in DEEP:PHI Platform or any other verified algorithms.

AI Algorithm

DEEP:PHI provides automatic diagnosis solutions to diseases utilizing artificial intelligence.

AI algorithm suits specific anatomical needs for targeted pathology.


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